"A South of Market Neighborhood Institution Since 1990"

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1131 Folsom St.(between 7th & 8th) San Francisco, CA


Tuesday - Saturday 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Grilled Prawns Antipasto  13
Rocco’s Old-Style Garlic Fries  6
Polenta Sticks w/ Pesto Sauce  10
Crab Cakes w/ Home-Made Thousand Island  11
One Dozen Steamed Clams in White Wine, Garlic & Butter Sauce  13
Garlic Bread w/ Fresh Tomato, Basil & Parmesan Cheese  7
Deep Fried Calamari w/ Lemon & Homemade Cocktail Sauce  16
Homemade Grilled Polenta w/ Marinara Sauce & Garlic Grilled Tomatoes  10
Prosciutto-Wrapped Cantaloupe w/ Salami, Provolone, Olives & Pepperoncinis  12




Bowl of Minestrone  7      Cup  5
      Bowl of Pastina  5     Cup  3
Caesar Salad  12   Half  8
Chicken Caesar Salad  15     
Calamari Salad (Seasonal)  16    Half  10
Marinated Grilled Chicken Salad  15    Half 9
Small Dinner Salad  5   …w/ Crumbled Blue Cheese  5.5
Rocco’s House Salad  7   …w/ Crumbled Blue Cheese  7.5
Grilled Prawn Caesar Salad w/ Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Avocado  18
Crumbled Blue Cheese Salad w/ Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Walnuts in Vinaigrette  14
…w/ Chicken  17

Dressings: Italian, Ranch, Caesar & Thousand Island (all Homemade)




Fresh Local Calamari Sauté Over Linguine 22
Angel Hair with Fresh Basil, Tomato & Garlic  17  … Add Grilled Prawns  5
Linguine w/ Clams in Marinara Sauce  19  …in White Cream Sauce  21
Pasta Primavera in Marinara 16 …in White Cream Sauce 17 …add Grilled Chicken 3
Pesto Primavera  17  …w/ Homemade Meatballs  20
Gnocchi w/ Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Cream Sauce 19
Spinach, Beef & Cheese-filled Ravioli with Homemade Meatballs  19
Pasta with Bolognese or Marinara  14  …w/ Homemade Meatballs 17
Italian Sausage w/Bell Pepper & Onion in a Spicy Marinara Sauce w/ Penne Pasta  17
Sautéed Sausage in Garlic Bolognese w/ Penne Pasta  17
Half Pasta in Pesto or Cream Sauce & Half Vegetables  15
Pasta al Pesto  15  …topped w/ Grilled Chicken  18


    Add Grilled Prawns, 5 Add Grilled Chicken, 3 Add Meatballs, 3
Substitute Ravioli or Gnocchi, 3 Substitute Pesto Sauce or White Cream Sauce, 2



Sautéed Chicken Scallopine  21
Sautéed Chicken Parmigiana 20
Sautéed Petrale Sole Piccata Sautéed in White Wine, Lemon & Capers  23
14 Oz. Grilled USDA Choice All Natural Rib Eye Steak Topped w/ Sautéed Mushrooms  28
Rocco’s Traditional Garlic Rosemary Roast Pork w/ Au Jus  19
Eggplant Parmigiana Sautéed in Marinara & Melted Provolone* 18
Hand-Made Choice Ground Round Hamburger Steak Smothered w/ Grilled Onions* 17
Rocco’s House Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast* 16

Substitute Ravioli or Gnocchi, 3 Substitute Pesto Sauce or White Cream Sauce, 2

Entrees are Served w/ Choice of Pasta, Vegetables or French Fries and small Soup or Salad

Entrees marked * do not include soup or salad 




Chicken Marsala w/side of Pasta Pesto 23
Sautéed Prawns Gamberoni over Linguine  22*
Grilled Petrale Sole w/ Fresh Grilled Vegetables  23
Sauteed Chicken Piccata    Served w/side of Pasta Bolognese 21
Linguine and Clams in White Cream Sauce  21*
Grilled Polenta topped w/ Cheese & Marinara w/ Sautéed Vegetables in Pesto Sauce* 16
USDA Choice Thick Center Cut Cross Rib Roast Beef w/ Fresh Sauteed Spinach 22
12 oz. Grilled Rib Eye Steak Sandwich w/carmelized onions & Blue Cheese w/ Fries*  18
Four Season Penne w/ Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Basil & Grilled Chicken* 19

Entrees marked * do not include soup or salad




Hand-Carved Garlic Rosemary Roast Pork  w/Au Jus  14
Italian Sausage w/ Grilled Peppers & Onions  13
Hot French Dip Hand-Carved Roast Beef w/ Melted Provolone  15
3/4 lb. Hand-Made Choice Ground Round Hamburger  14
”Rocco” Cheeseburger ~ Danish Blue, Provolone, or Sharp Cheddar  14.5
Garden Veggie Burger on Wheat w/lettuce, tomato, onion  12.5   …w/ Cheese 13
Cut to order Grilled Eggplant w/ Provolone, Fresh Basil, Tomato & Marinara  13
Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast  12.5   …w/ Sharp Cheddar Cheese  13
Grilled Filet of Sole Sandwich on Wheat w/ Avocado, Tomato & Tartar Sauce  16
Homemade Meatball Sandwich w/ Provolone & Parmesan Cheese  14

Add Grilled Mushrooms or Onions,  1.5  Add Bacon, 2  Add Avocado,  175

Add Grilled Mushrooms or Onions, 1.5 Add Bacon, 2 Add Avocado, 175

All Sandwiches Served on French Rolls w/ Choice of Seasoned French Fries, Soup OR Small Salad


Minimum Credit Card Charge $10.00 (Excluding Tip) An 18% Gratuity Will Be Added for Parties of Six or More


Rocco's Cafe
"A South of Market Neighborhood Institution Since 1990"

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